Our Services

Here we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for the trust they have been placing
in us. Since 2001, major Government, NGOs, Private Companies and International
Organizations have been our clients. We have proven our PR expertise and experience in a
number of IT Solutions and provided PR consulting on a number of topics. We believe that the
length of our service agreements is proof of the positive effect of our IT solutions to our clients’
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Technology We Use:
Windows Based:-
Tightly integrated:-
ASP / ASP.NET is a truly unique and amazing platform. No other product can claim its level of
interoperability. Code compiled for the .NET platform can run as a desktop application, a web
application, a web service, a DLL or even a VBA Macro compatible COM object which allows
it to adapt and integrate with any system.
Rapid application development:-
ASP / ASP.NET comes standard with a huge toolset of components commonly used by web
developers. The visual design tools help us go from concept to reality in the shortest time span
possible. Combine that with a powerful debugging environment with breakpoints and other high
level features, and you have a truly superior development tool.
Robust platform:-
ASP / ASP .NET can scale to any size website. It performs well because it is pre-compiled, not
interpreted on the fly. The platform also manages memory and other breakdown causing issues
that haunted programmers of the past.
Ease of code maintenance:-
Because C# is a truly object oriented language; code can easily be reused and shared across
projects. Web developers can build and expand on the massive toolset Microsoft has already
provided. The same is applicable on ASP development also.
Standards based:-
ASP / ASP .NET is backed by the world's largest software company. But as if that wasn't
enough to secure long term support and compatibility.
Linux Based:-
Performance without tweaking:-
SQL Server is nimble and adaptive by auto-optimizing; other platforms are rigid and demand
from the database designer special consideration of its limitations, and manual optimization from database administrators. That doesn't mean we don't optimize queries and
normalize database structures. It just means we can concentrate on the project, not the
Backup and recovery:-
SQL Server allows for up to point in time, on-line backup and recovery. Meaning you can
backup a live database, and when transaction logs are enabled and a failure occurs, you can
restore all database entries up to that point. An automated backup schedule makes the whole
process painless so we can rest assured your data is protected.
The linked server feature is one of the greatest things about SQL Server. With a linked server,
you can connect to another database on any platform and access data as if it were local and
native. This makes real-time data integration that much easier.
Scalable and secure:-
Developers just don't hit a wall with SQL Server; it can meet all your needs regardless of size
Data can be secured down to the column and record level.